Dinner – Lexi Dona


Sexy brunette Lexi Dona is preparing a romantic “Dinner” for her man while he lights the fire. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins, Ricky grabs his sweetheart from behind, the simmering chemistry between them evident. She abandons her attempt to serve up the food as he kisses her hungrily and caresses her breasts, then unzips her tight pants and slides a hand inside, fingering her to a rapid orgasm. They sit at the table to enjoy their meal but now it’s Lexi who’s ravenous, pulling Ricky’s plate away and straddling his lap as she frees his hard cock from his jeans and jerks it vigorously. He follows her to the sofa and she wraps her lips around his erection for a sensuous blowjob, bobbing her head to suck it to the root and licking it lovingly. They’re soon both naked and Lexi moves astride Ricky, impaling herself in cowgirl and riding energetically. She moves into a squat to bounce harder, her perfect ass rising and falling until another climax overwhelms her. Ricky flips her onto her back and drives deep, fucking her to a breathless orgasm and cumming over her trembling body.