Francesca Rossi Makes Dallas Blue Bust Early


Dallas Blue had some intuition when he met Francesca Rossi. He was talking about that mouth and what it might do… Turns out it makes him bust FAST! Dallas and Francesca already have some chemistry brewing in the interview. When Dallas pulled his shirt off, her eyes couldn’t help but wander over the perfect build of his tan, muscular body. She was quick to initiate the foreplay and get his nice cock deep in her throat, just like he wanted. Dallas seems to be feeling it quick, though and he pulls Francesca up to fuck! Dallas starts pounding away and getting a good handful of her perfect tits as her pussy grips his cock and starts working him towards the edge. As he tries to hold off, Dallas starts moving quicker between positions and going for some standing missionary to keep it back! After clappin’ cheeks in doggy, he can tell he’s cumming soon. In a last ditch effort to keep it in, he switches to a blowjob! As we already know, Francesca’s top was too good and Dallas couldn’t hold it in! Uh oh! Can Dallas come back in Round 2 and get another one out?!