Concept: Hold The Moan – River Lynn


What’s up, Team Skeet fans? We love a Labs update, and this time, we’re beyond excited to bring you a super kinky concept we’ve titled “Hold the Moan.” In this episode, Rion and River are having some fun on the couch, but Rion is afraid of River’s dad, Eric, walking in on them. She assures Rion there is nothing to worry about, but sure enough, Eric enters the room while they make out. They don’t get caught, but if they want to continue messing around, Rion and River must be super quiet. It’s almost impossible for River to conceal the orgasmic pleasure, and she does everything she can to keep fucking while remaining silent. Rion fucks like a champ and doesn’t make a peep. However, he’s in for a rude awakening when Eric turns around to see Rion’s cum all over River’s face.