Erotic Encounter – Ryana & Lilly Bella


A chance meeting on a city tram leads to an “Erotic Encounter” for two gorgeous girls. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie begins, raven-haired beauty Lilly Bella and stunning blonde Ryana make flirtatious eye contact. Lilly acts on impulse to run after her new crush when she gets off the tram, and they soon find themselves tumbling on the sofa in Ryana’s apartment, kissing passionately. Ryana takes off her shirt, her lovely big breasts jiggling as Lilly sucks her nipples eagerly, while thrusting a hand into her jeans. Peeling off Lilly’s tight yoga pants, Ryana toys with her pierced nipples before going down to eat her pussy, using her tongue and fingers to drive her new paramour wild. They trade places so Lilly can lick Ryana with equal fervor, spreading her pussy lips like butterfly wings and lapping at the succulent pink interior. Straddling Lilly’s face, Ryana grinds to a breathless climax, then resumes licking her until she orgasms too, a perfect start to their budding relationship.