Big Ass Workout – Alexis Andrews


Alexis Andrews came to Tony Rubino’s private gym to get into better shape. Tony made her do some exercises but somehow Alexis was not flexible enough to do them properly. It seems her pants were too tight and prevented her from squatting properly. As the pants did not stretch Tony went for an old gym trick. He just ripped the pants and exposed Alexis’ butt. First Alexis was surprised but then she realized finally she could move. A miracle. Tony had more tricks up his sleeve. He rubbed to some oil on her butt to relax the muscles. That shiny oil on her big butt looked really good. Then he started to massage her butt and his fingers kept slipping to her pussy and clit until she was all moaning. She wanted to return the favor and started to suck Tony’s dick. Then they fucked. Her butt was shaking in every possible direction. Waves were running all over her behind. She was riding him, they did doggie, they fucked in missionary until he s**t his cum her in her face.