Sophia Locke vs Nathan Bronson


Two chiseled hard bodies are meeting on the mats today. Punk ass, Nathan Bronson has been called out by hard body, Sophia Locke. Sophia walks in already knowing that Nathan will be able to run circles around her in the wrestling but she also is confident in her sex skills and knows that once Nathan’s cock is in her hands, she will be able to bring him to his knees and make him do her bidding. Nathan has brought his game face today. Sophia gets desperate and lets Nathan fuck her so she can try to get that instant victory. It’s a sacrifice move on her part but it’s not a crazy idea just as long as her plan doesn’t’ backfire on her. This fight does end with an Orgasm on the Mat in round 3. The victor is cocky and dominant. Sophia gets the creampie she wants in the end.