Miina Minamoto puts on her uniform and masturbates to climax


Miina Minamoto is now in the uniform club. The club is full of lovely women who will come in and put on a uniform of their liking. It could be a nurse, policewoman, stvdent, secretary of office worker. The uniforms help to open the imagination and while performing they will get into the character with the help of the feeling of that uniform on them. It also helps the imagination of the viewer as he can then imagine that model as that character. Today Miina has opted to be a stvdent and is wearing the uniform. She is still quite young so she looks very good in her uniform and could pass as a stvdent. She even has the white cotton panties on that tops off the uniform to make it all the more real. She does some teasing and posing in the uniform before she goes to change into another. The next uniform is that of a swimmer. A stvdent will have a swim class and must wear the sch00l swimwear. Miina puts on that uniform and sits back as her lover reaches out to touch her hair and face. He is drawn to her tight swimwear and his hands are all over her. He wants to see what she looks like while she pleasures herself and he asks her to please do that for him. She begins to touch and rub her breasts and pulls her swimwear down to play with her breasts. He watches as she then spreads her legs wide open and moves the suit over as he brings out some scissors to cut the crotch so she can show him her spread open pussy. Go see what she does next to her pink hole.