HotMILFsFuck – Audrey Madison


For some of you, masturbating 10 times a day might be called excessive or possibly a major achievement, but in the case of Audrey Madison, it would just be another Tuesday. That should give you a good idea of what our latest Hot MILF is all about. Somewhere along the line she graduated from nymphomaniac to “sexual being”, but given she likes being naked and sucking as many cocks and pussies as possible, there’s really not much of a difference. Audrey is a confirmed exhibitionist and loves performing for anyone who will watch. In fact she’s probably getting off somewhere right now thinking about you jerking off to her DDD tits. Audrey also loves to be dominated by guys who know what they’re doing and the sack, so we put her with Jake, you’re welcome! We’re no strangers to some wild sex, but this scene goes to 11 and just this side of somebody calling the cops. Audrey gets a major pounding from Jake’s massive manmeat and comes back for more, and more, and more. You get the picture, so buckle up your seatbelts, this is gonna be one hell of a ride!