Mellani Monroe vs Sophia Locke – EvolvedFightsLez


Today we have the biggest losers on the mats. Neither Melani nor Sophia have a good record. For how many matches they’ve done, you would think they would have one more than one match. Alas, these girls are easily seduced which make the lose…. a lot. So now these two big losers get to battle it out to see who can seduce whom first. This is an even match up. All 3 rounds are tied so this goes to a Tie Breaker. Since the Orgasm Challenge happens every other week, we have changed the Tie Breaker rules. Today, who ever can face sit their opponent longest Wins. Sophia gets to sit her big muscle ass on Mellani and Mellani must get out of the hold in less time than it take Sophia to get out of Mellani’s Face sit hold. It all comes down to who’s ass is more powerful. The winner strap on fucks the loser so much that the loser cums hard on the strap on cock and it drips with her cum.