Sexual Healing – Sinatra Monroe


Let’s face it. You’re a pervert. A big one. How big? Well, in addition to subscribing to this website, you recently got into trouble getting a boner in public — across the street from a popular restaurant! You’re also one of Dr. Sinatra Monroe’s clients. You know Dr. Sinatra, Sex Therapist! Dr. Sinatra is one of the foremost thinkers specializing in deviant sexual behaviors, and you’ve been seeing her for a decade. So yea man, you’re a bid ol’ perv!! And with your latest problem, Dr. Sinatra is going to put you through some highly controversial treatment! It’s based on the age-old adage of catching someone smoking cigarettes — make them smoke a whole carton at once to get them to quit. But will Dr. Sinatra’s controversial methods cure your pervy, pervy behaviors?