XLGirls: Topheavy Top Tester – Erin Star


Boob-blessed Erin Star wants to test her tops and see which one looks the best over her magnificent breasts before she goes out. If we had our way, Erin could test a store full of tops and take her sweet time with each one. When Erin’s titty top testing is complete, she takes out three toys. One for her pussy, one for her tits and one for her sucking mouth.

“I like to play with toys,” said Erin. Her tits are bigger than ever. “Guys love to see me play with my boobs. They tell me it makes them crazy.

“What guys want to see most from me is jumping and bouncing my boobs. It is all play for me and a good time. I like to have fun and I like it when the guys see me having fun. “