AbbyWinters: Touching friend – Candice D & Viviana


Candice and Vivana get cozy on the sofa, in their matching yellow tank tops, and they can’t keep their hands off each other! They revel in comparing boobs, as Candice gently squeezes the softness of Viviana’s curves over the tight fabric, while Viviana caresses Candice’s perky nipples. “Oh my God, I could touch your breasts all day!” Candice exclaims, making Viviana giggle joyfully. Soon they’re wearing only their panties, with one hand stroking between their friend’s legs, and the other lovingly kneading her bare chest. With a knowing glance, they get fully naked, and snuggle with their legs open, to focus on touching themselves.

“I love how your pussy looks!” Candice declares, admiring Viviana’s square-shaped patch of pubic hair. “I love yours!” Viviana replies, gazing at her friend’s smooth pink vulva. They indulge in their similar masturbation techniques, massaging circles on their clits, and inserting wet fingers, as their excitement builds up. They sweetly announce when they’re getting close, and Viviana orgasms first, her hot moans echoing off the walls. The intense sounds push Candice over the edge, and her blissful climax makes her body tense with trembling legs. Meanwhile, Viviana keeps rubbing and cries out again in ecstasy. “Did you have a double orgasm?” Candice asks in awe. Viviana happily nods and sighs: “It was so nice, a pleasure!”