TheLifeErotic: My Turn On – Isabella Delaa


Sizzling-hot Isabella Delaa, a green-eyed Czech brunette, is admiring herself in a full-length mirror. Wearing a leather bra and miniskirt over a lace bodystocking, she plays solo footsie, then flaunts her pink manicure as she massages her sole. Next, she strips to reveal small, pert breasts and a trimmed pussy framed by the open crotch of the bodystocking.

She pouts her lips – also glossy pink – then begins to masturbate, rubbing her fingertips against her large, puffy labia before slipping one digit inside. She gyrates her slender body then squats down to sit, thighs splayed, and grinds her ass against the hard floor.

Gracefully, she gets on all fours, firm ass to the camera as it moves in for a close-up. Her toes point as her excitement increases and, as she frigs herself faster, her moans become louder. She needs a harder, deeper thrill than her fingers can provide – luckily, she has a toy to hand.

It’s an impressively huge mock-cock vibrator, with twin rabbit-ear ticklers – one teases her asshole and the other buzzes her clit when she sinks the main shaft deep inside of her pussy. Writhing on the floor, she holds the toy in place as it vibrates and rotates against her most sensitive spots. Moaning in ecstasy, Isabella orgasms, but she’s not done yet.

She spins around to watch in the mirror as she screws herself again – but within seconds, she’s on her back, legs wide apart and bent at the knee. Topless, she rocks and bucks her hips to pound herself into an erotic frenzy. At last, she seems satisfied – then, as the movie ends, she strokes one foot with the French-pedicured toes of the other, already horny again…