VivThomas: Pairing Off Episode 1 – Sonya Blaze & Martha


Four gorgeous girls are hanging out on the patio, as episode one of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series “Pairing Off” begins. When Emerald Ocean and Camila Parker go indoors to get some more drinks, they leave stunning brunette Sonya Blaze alone with pigtailed sweetie Martha. The playful cuties spy on their girlfriends having sex in the kitchen, and find themselves getting aroused. Sonya showers Martha with kisses as she fondles her perky breasts, sucking her hard nipples eagerly. She pulls off Martha’s cotton panties and goes down to eat her shaved pussy, lapping at her clit and gazing up at her with passionate eyes. Martha has an intense orgasm, then kisses her way down Sonya’s incredible body. She licks Sonya’s pussy, making her moan with excitement until she’s overwhelmed by a powerful climax. As they kiss tenderly though the afterglow, they suddenly recall the presence of their friends nearby, and get dressed hastily, giggling at their own daring.