VivThomas: Like What You See Episode 2 – Ophelia Dust & Subil Arch


Sexy brunette Subil Arch takes a shower, then puts on sporty white lingerie, while she waits for her girlfriend. As episode two of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series “Like What You See” begins, vivacious Ophelia Dust arrives and Subil greets her with a warm hug. The lovers kiss, undressing each other eagerly, so happy to be reunited. Pushing Ophelia onto the bed, Subil sucks her stiff nipples, then peels off her tight jean shorts, revealing her dark bush. She goes down to eat Ophelia’s pussy, making her giggle and gasp with pleasure, adding fingers to drive her wild. Ophelia rocks her hips up to meet Subil’s skilful tongue, grinding until she’s overwhelmed by an intense orgasm. When Ophelia has caught her breath, she sucks Subil’s nipples while fingerbanging her shaved pussy frantically. Subil straddles her face, big breasts jiggling as she rides. She’s breathless with arousal as Ophelia flips her onto her back and resumes eating her pussy, lapping at her puffy clit to give her a powerful climax. Now Ophelia sits on Subil’s face to get licked again, her second orgasm just as mind-blowing as her first.