AbbyWinters: Mutual masturbation – Alexandra T & Francisca


Romance is in the air as Alexandra takes Francisca’s hand and gives it a gentle kiss, while the girls look deeply into each other’s eyes. Francisca lowers her friend’s tank top to caress her tan lined breasts and suckle her rosy nipples, then bends over so Alexandra can pull down her ripped denim shorts. As Alexandra laps into her smooth shaved pussy, Francisca moans in ecstasy, and shows her appreciation by reaching back to ruffle her lover’s short hair.
Alexandra reclines on the couch with her legs open wide, and invites Francisca to go down on her. As she enjoys the sensuous feeling of her clit being massaged by a warm tongue, Alexandra alternates between throwing her head back with pleasure, and looking down adoringly to meet Francisca’s lustful gaze. The girls explore tribbing, an intense 69, and mutual masturbation on all fours while making out, then embrace and fall asleep, with their flushed cheeks nestled together.