AbbyWinters: Hot wax drip – Karine


Karine looks elegant in her floral print dress, but she can’t wait to show us what’s underneath. She flips it up to reveal her silky transparent knickers, then gets on all fours to expose her round bum. After lifting the dress over her head, she stretches out her comfy bra to make her large breasts fall out. With a sly grin, Karine tugs down the waistband of her panties, until we can see her perfectly shaved pussy. Then she spreads her legs wide apart, to provide an even more intimate view, as she lubricates her vulva with baby oil.
Karine is excited to share her sexy fetishes, beginning by binding her bare feet with rope, and wrapping a bungee cord under her boobs. Comfortingly tied up, she lays on her side and cuddles her plush shark with a sweet smile. She looks even more delighted when she lights a candle with her legs akimbo, and lets the hot wax drip all over her soft inner thighs. Having used her naked body to create a little work of art, she gives a cheerful wave goodbye.