AbbyWinters: Feet licking – Candice D & Pilar


Candice and Pilar share a passionate foot fetish, and they can’t wait to slip off their strappy sandals and explore it together. Their eyes sparkle with delight as bare feet are massaged and little toes are sucked, before being used to remove clothes and tease nipples. Once Pilar’s dress has fallen on the bed, she stuffs one hand down Candice’s tight denim shorts, as they passionately make out. Then, Candice pulls down Pilar’s cotton panties and penetrates her hard in doggy, until she cries out in ecstasy. In the afterglow, Candice spreads her friend’s smooth labia to admire the glistening wetness inside.

Candice then relaxes on the pillows with her legs open, and invites Pilar to go down on her. While touring her tongue around the clit and inserting her fingers, Pilar looks up with smoldering eyes, watching Candice tense up as a wave of pleasure washes over her. To repay Pilar, Candice ties up her feet and worships her pussy with long strokes of her tongue. Pilar draws up her knees and presses her face into them, moaning with orgasmic release. The girls indulge in more intense climaxes during facesitting and creative toe insertions, then curl up satisfied in each other’s arms.