TheLifeErotic: My Foreplay – Leane


Sexy Leane, a petite blue-eyed Latvian with a sassy blonde bob, is checking out an array of kinky accessories and toys in a fetish dungeon room. Dressed in shiny red PVC and leather-cuff bracelets, she tries a submissive’s bondage collar for size – however, she is more intrigued by some cute, feather-tipped wands. She selects a long scarlet plume and plays it against her naked skin, tickling and teasing.

As she sits on a leg-spreader chair, her minidress rides up to flaunt her shaved pussy. She sweeps the fine red feathers over it, then rubs her slit with manicured fingers. This gets her juiced up so she grabs a stylish chrome vibrator. She sucks on it, inching it deep into her mouth and halfway down her throat.