VivThomas: Dream Of You Episode 1 – Vicky Love & Sybil A


Cute brunette Victoria Bailey is on the sofa, reading an erotic novel, as episode one of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series “Dream Of You” begins. Meanwhile her stunning roommate Sybil A is in the bathtub, masturbating as she pictures herself having passionate sex with gorgeous Vicky Love. She’s kneeling between Vicky’s spread thighs, eating her pussy voraciously. Vicky moans with arousal, fondling her breasts as Sybil licks her. Sybil’s fantasy switches to a dressing room, with Vicky kissing her passionately, then tugging her panties aside and lapping at her clit to drive her wild. Masturbating even more avidly, she sees herself eating Vicky’s pussy in the kitchen, giving her an intense orgasm. Vicky repays the favor in the living room, lavishing attention on Sybil’s beautiful body. Sybil’s perfect breasts jiggle as Vicky’s tongue thrusts between her plump pussy lips over and over, making her climax – just as she does in real life.