AbbyWinters: Foot Massage – Ulyana & Zuzanna


Ulyana offers to give Zuzanna a relaxing massage, and makes it even more enjoyable by helping her get undressed. When she feels her friend’s fingers removing her bra, Zuzanna’s delighted smile shows off her braces. Ulyana’s skilled hands rub into her bare back, then pull down her panties, revealing the tan lined curves of her bum. The girls both decide to enjoy more intimate forms of touch together, so Ulyana slips off her dress. Then, she begins licking Zuzanna’s smooth shaved pussy, and inserts one finger deep inside.
Zuzanna wants to give pleasure in return, and has Ulyana sit at the kitchen table with her legs open, so she can bury her freckled face between them. Spreading Ulyana’s glistening pink labia, Zuzanna passionately licks and sucks, looking up with sparkling blue eyes as she watches her friend’s growing arousal. After a gentle foot massage and an intense 69, Zuzanna perches on the table, while Ulyana goes down on her. As she moans, Zuzanna clutches one soft breast and throws her head back, as she feels her orgasm coming.