VivThomas: Lesson Learned – Foxy Alissa & Aislin


Gorgeous blonde Aislin is tutoring Foxy Alissa in English, as Alex Iskan’s hot lesbian movie “Lesson Learned” begins. Cute brunette Foxy can’t help flirting – making sexy jokes, taking her teacher’s glasses, then starting to touch herself sensually. Aislin does her best to remain professional, but finally succumbs when her naughty pupil surprises her with a kiss. Foxy caresses Aislin’s beautiful breasts, ensuring she’s utterly distracted and flustered; Aislin suddenly snaps, grabbing Foxy and kissing her voraciously. Foxy is eager to suck Aislin’s nipples and kiss her stockinged thighs, then pushes her onto the sofa and licks her through her panties. Peeling off the soaked fabric, she eats Aislin’s pussy skilfully, then gets naked and lies in her arms so they can finger each other in unison. Foxy kneels so Aislin can lick her from behind, using her tongue and fingers to drive the irresistible temptress wild. They move into a sixty-nine, and then scissors, the sticky sounds of their mutual pleasure so exciting as they rub their wet pussies together until they both hit an orgasmic high. Aislin has to admit that Foxy is a good student.