WildOnCam – Christmas Has Come Early And Emma Sirus Gives You A Treat LIVE


Emma Sirus has one question for you… has she been naughty or nice? Maybe it will take until the end of the show for you to decide. She loves dressing up as Mrs. Claus and wants to show you how she would keep you from leaving the house on Christmas Eve. She will gladly listen to what you say but for how long? Emma is surprised you want her to take off her sock and put it in her mouth. Why do you not want those panties off?!? What does a girl got to do to get naked around here… Sometimes you feet boys are too much when a girl really listens to you. Emma takes things into her own control stripping down and playing with her toy. All she wants to do is cum and you are here making her stuff socks in her mouth… silly boys this girl wants to be naughty and cum for you!