VivThomas: The Return Of Jo Episode 1 – Blue Angel & Jo


Viv Thomas superstar Jo is welcomed back with open arms in episode one of Sandra Shine’s hot series “The Return Of Jo” – her first erotic starring role since 2013. Looking better than ever, the beautiful blonde is reading on a park bench when she’s spotted by gorgeous Blue Angel, her co-star in many classic lesbian movies. The girls embrace joyfully, and walk hand in hand to Blue’s apartment, where they are soon kissing passionately. Their powerful sexual chemistry is unmistakable as they undress each other and stumble to the bedroom. Blue gazes up at her sweetheart while eating her shaved pussy skilfully, making her gasp with arousal. She straddles Jo to get her own pussy licked and fingered, before they move into a scissors position, grinding together sensually. Blue is eager for another taste of Jo, sucking her clit while fingering her to an intense orgasm. Glowing with pleasure, Jo sucks Blue’s puffy nipples and then licks her pussy greedily, giving her a mindblowing climax.