AbbyWinters: Together in the bathtub – Catalina A & Valeria


Catalina has discovered the joy of taking a bath with your clothes on, and wants to share it with Valeria. Getting cozy in the bathtub, the girls playfully spray each other with the showerhead, until they’re soaking wet. “When the clothes stick to your body, it’s a really comfortable sensation” Catalina explains, and Valeria happily agrees. Their hard nipples poke through the drenched fabric, so they eagerly help each other undress. Soft breasts are cuddled with hands and bare feet, panties are pulled down, and clits are stimulated with streams of warm water. “This is going to be very nice!” Valeria murmurs, as they start masturbating together.

The girls face each other with their legs open in the tub, admiring intimate views of their beautifully contrasting pussies: Catalina’s luxuriously fluffy, Valeria’s perfectly smooth. They thrust their fingers in and out with a sensual rhythm, moaning softly. “I like your sounds!” Valeria sighs, building to a powerful orgasm that makes her wet curves bounce. Catalina lovingly squeezes her friend’s hand and announces, “I’m about to cum!”. “I want to see that!” Valeria exclaims. Her eyes excitedly dart between Catalina’s pussy and her blissed-out face, as it’s overcome by a wave of pleasure. “My orgasm was really intense, but I think not as intense as yours!” Valeria tells her, as they giggle and rinse off.