MetArtX: Look Don’t Touch – Serina Gomez


Gorgeous brunette Serina Gomez is sipping her wine when she gets the urge to put on a sexy show. Taking off her little black dress, the Latina beauty moves seductively in her glamorous lingerie, black stockings and high heels, running her hands over her lovely body. She unhooks her bra and fondles her breasts amorously, her nipples stiffening as she tugs and tweaks them. Panties off, she perches on the table and starts to masturbate, easing her fingers between her lips and into her wet core to drive herself wild. When she’s moaning with arousal, she grabs a thick, ridged dildo, sucks it to lube it up, and thrusts it into her tight pussy. Going face down ass up, she fucks herself sensuously, trembling through an intense orgasm.