JapanHDV – Cheating housewife Tsubaki Kato gets found out by husband


Well this is all coming full circle. We had Maki Hojo who was fucking some dude at work. And this dude at work is marred to Tsubaki Kato who also used to work at the same company and whose best friend is Maki Hojo. So, what happened was Tsubaki got tired of her husband never fucking her. So, she figured he must be out getting a piece of ass elsewhere. And of course she was right cause he was fucking her best friend from work Maki Hojo. So then, she finds the first hard cock she can which happened to be the guy delivering flowers that happened to knock on her door. She liked the flower guy despite him being quite a bit younger than her. And the flower guy really liked her because she was a stay at home lonely housewife whose husband was always gone and was seeing someone else. So, Tsubaki thinks this is now fine as she has some hard cock to play with and her husband can continue on with his affair cause she has someone. But, then Tsubaki’s husband gets a surprise at work when his lover Maki decides to call it off because she is now fucking some bartender she met one night when she was out drinking. And she is really into the bar tender and he is young and handsome and his cock is so hard he could pound nails with it. So Tsubaki’s husband comes home to patch things up withe the old ball and chain. He finds out she has been seeing someone else but since he has no one, well he is forced to admit he has been a real selfish prick. So, now it is time for the make up fuck. And that is always a good one!