AbbyWinters: Touching friend – Dalilah & Flo


Dalilah and Flo work on a colouring book, while discussing their passion for sport. After Dalilah confesses that sweaty bodies at the gym make her horny, the girls giggle and share their favourite sexual fantasies. Flo imagines herself and another girl as playful kittens, while Dalilah dreams about being rescued by handsome firemen. Deeply aroused, they can’t keep their hands off each other, and Flo strips off Dalilah’s dress to caress her chest. “They’re so soft! I’m amazed every time I touch boobs”, Flo sighs. She removes her panties, then cheekily pulls down Dalilah’s to admire her smooth pussy, and they’re ready to masturbate together.

“This is so intimate! You feel observed”, Flo proclaims as they watch each other stroke. “It’s very sexy and exciting when you see somebody else cumming!”, Dalilah agrees. The girls resolve to help maximise their friend’s pleasure, and Flo lovingly suckles one of Dalilah’s nipples, while cuddling the other. Dalilah moans to a powerful climax and Flo keeps worshipping her chest, until the last trembling aftershocks subside. Then, Dalilah turns all her attention to Flo, kissing her neck and nibbling her earlobe, until she announces her blissful orgasm. “The next time someone asks me how I like to masturbate, I’ll say, with someone else!” Flo declares, as they sweetly snuggle with their legs open.