AbbyWinters: Sex in the bathtub – Elysa & Francisca


As Elysa draws a relaxing bubble bath, she slips off her cartoon t-shirt, then sprays her freckled body with water. After easing into the suds, she pulls down her panties, just as her friend Francisca walks in. Elysa invites her into the water, still wearing her nightie, and they share tender caresses. Once Francisca’s dripping clothes are off, Elysa laps into her smooth vulva, then makes her moan by penetrating her with three fingers. After that, it’s Elysa’s turn to orgasm, standing up while her hairy pussy is expertly licked and stroked, until she throws her head back in ecstasy.

The girls find all kinds of fun things to play with in the bathtub. First, they decorate each other’s naked bodies with foam, standing nude and giggling as a little soapy bush appears between Francisca’s legs. The laughter continues as Francisca sits down, so her pussy can be playfully sprayed with the showerhead. Then, Elysa opens her legs under the faucet, with a stream of warm water pointed directly at her clit. As Elysa moans, Francisca holds her close while masturbating herself, and they passionately make out. With their faces nestled together, they exchange bright smiles, making Elysa’s braces glisten.