TheLifeErotic: Seduction – Novi


Stunning brunette Novi makes a dramatic entrance through a pair of ornate doors. Dressed in a tight pink blouse, latex miniskirt and skyscraper heels, she can’t wait to show off her hottest seductive moves. She strikes poses, spinning around to flaunt her fabulous, slim curves and ass-length black hair. She licks her manicured fingers then leads the way through to the bedroom.

As she perches on the counter of her glass vanity, her short, split-sided skirt rides up to expose her golden thighs and flash her naked shaved pussy. She caresses her legs, then eases up her top to expose perfect-handful breasts. French-tipped fingertips circle her dark nipples, teasing them erect, then she moans as she sinks a hand between her thighs.