VivThomas: Female Lust Episode 3 – Ann Joy & Kate Quinn


Cute brunette Kate Quinn returns home from her trip, as episode three of Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian series “Female Lust” begins. Her cheating girlfriend Ann Joy does her best to seem composed as her hook-up has just left, and responds to amorous Kate’s kisses enthusiastically. She sucks Kate’s perky nipples, then pulls down her panties and licks her shaved pussy skilfully, making her gasp and moan. Kate perches on the table with thighs spread wide as her sweetheart laps at her puffy clit; then she turns around and bends over so Ann can eat her from behind, driving her to a mindblowing orgasm. Now Kate is eager to show Ann how much she missed her by devouring her sexy body, tugging at her erect nipples with her teeth before kissing a trail down between her thighs. Ann giggles with pleasure as Kate licks and sucks her pussy until she’s overwhelmed by a powerful climax.