BackroomCastingCouch – Athena (Gym Bunny’s Anal Casting)


21 year old bubbly gym bunny Athena is ready to get involved in the adult industry. She’s blonde, giggly, and has a great physique. She arrives with an energy drink in tow, which might be where she’s getting all this enthusiasm. I certainly won’t complain though, it’s always a little more fun when our ladies are rearing to go. Rick puts her on the couch and we’re off to the races. She’s a lotta fun ya’ll. She’s alway smiling or laughing while answering our questions. She seems like she’s a pretty well put together person, so we get her out of those clothes and see if she’s got what it takes. I quickly find out that she’s fantastic at sucking rod, and even better when I finally get to fuck that pussy. I work her pussy for a bit, then we find out Athena has never eaten ass before, so we knock that out real quick, then it’s time for some buttstuff. Now for a girl who hasn’t had sex in 7 month, and hasn’t had a dick in her ass for an even longer stretch she does remarkable. We have like 0 issues working that butthole. It’s a fine fine butthole to let me tell ya. Next, we do some ass to mouth, and according to her, her ass tastes better than her mouth… go figure. Finally, I put her on the couch and fill that pussy up. Thankfully, she doesn’t seem too put off when she finds out she isn’t getting paid today. Part of me thinks she’s just happy to get laid after 7 months…. Let’s give it a few weeks and I’ll let you know if she’s blowing us up lol.