Swing Together – Vicky Love & Marie Berger


Sexy brunette Marie Berger is enjoying her coffee in the garden, as Sandra Shine’s erotic lesbian movie “Swing Together” begins. Her gorgeous girlfriend Vicky Love joins her outdoors, getting naked and sitting on the swing seat with her thighs spread wide. Marie is eager to embrace her, caressing her beautiful big breasts and sucking her stiff nipples, then licking a trail down to her pussy. Vicky gasps and moans as Marie licks her skilfully; she soon wants to taste her lover’s sweetness too, getting her to lie on the seat so she can eat her shaved pussy. She moves astride Marie’s face to get licked some more, turning around into a sixty-nine so they can drive each other wild with their intense oral ministrations. Marie is first to climax as Vicky sucks on her clit until she’s delirious with pleasure. When she’s caught her breath she resumes licking, giving Vicky a powerful orgasm.